A Registered Investment Advisor Since 1993
A Registered Investment Advisor Since 1993 

Investment Philosophy

If you were driving through the mountains and it started snowing, you might find it prudent to shift gears and proceed at a slower speed until the conditions improve. 


If some lanes on the highway ahead are stopped, you might move over to better flowing lanes.


That's how we manage our client portfolios.


We actively manage our client portfolios using state-of-the-art technology on a custodial platform with $0 commission trades.


Technological advancements have transformed trading capabilities 

of the modern forward-thinking advisory firm.


We can quickly and efficiently adjust all client portfolios at once

if needed.


Technolgical advancements have also transformed our research

and portfolio design capabilities.


In contrast to what a typical retail investor has available to them,

we incorporate not only fundamental factors but also complex

technical and quantitative factors in tracking investments and

managing portfolios.  


Instead of relying solely on "gut-feel" or market predictions,

we incorporate these indicators to maximize growth opportunities

as well as for downside protection.


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